There is no power to the connect module

HDL300 and Dual HDL300 systems
Last Updated: August 23rd, 2022

There may be several reasons why your connect module doesn't have power. Below are a few questions to answer when this occurs: 

  1. Was the connect module working before?

If the connect module was not working, the connect module could be failing. Please contact your reseller or Nureva support for assistance with replacing the connect module.

  1. Is the power status LED indicator on the connect module on?

If the connect module has power the power status LED indicator will be on, and the problem may not be power-related. Our What do the LEDs on the connect module mean article has additional information about the LEDs on the connect module.

  1. Is the power adapter securely plugged in on both ends?

If the power supply is loose or has a poor connection, then it may not be feeding power to the module. Ensure that the power supply and the power cable are connected securely. Also, ensure that the power supply is securely connected to the connect module. If you're using a power bar, make sure that the power bar is switched on and other devices connected to it are working.

  1. Does the wall outlet have power?

Confirm that the outlet is working by plugging in different devices to see if they power up.

  1. Have you power-cycled the connect module?

Resetting the connect module's power may resolve the issue. Our Power cycling the HDL300 system article provides guidance for power-cycling the connect module.

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