Are the cables provided with Nureva® conferencing systems plenum-rated?

HDL200, HDL300, Dual HDL300, CV30 camera
Last Updated: July 11th, 2022

The cables that are supplied with Nureva conferencing systems are not plenum rated. For installations that require plenum-rated cables, it is recommended to use material/cabling in accordance with the applicable country electrical codes, regional codes, and local codes or ordinances 

What is a plenum?

A plenum is an air-filled space within a structure. The most common type of plenum that Nureva conferencing systems are used with is the open space above a ceiling.

What does plenum-rated mean?

Air travels throughout a building via plenum spaces, constantly circulating. With this circulation, there is the potential for smoke or toxic fumes to circulate through the plenums of a building. Plenum-rated means that the cables are designed to meet a specific rating to restrict the spread of fire and limit the amount of smoke or fumes emitted during a fire.

Use a plenum-rated USB cable or use a plenum-rated ethernet cable?

HDL200 audio conferencing systems

HDL200 systems use a USB cable to connect to the computer. Plenum-rated USB cables can be hard to find and are often quite expensive. An alternative is to use a single cable USB over Ethernet extender solution. The Ethernet cable between the transmitter and receiver would be a plenum-rated Ethernet cable. Plenum-rated Ethernet cables are generally easier to find.


HDL300 and Dual HDL300 audio conferencing systems

HDL300 and Dual HDL300 systems use a USB cable to connect the connect module to the computer. Nureva recommends keeping the connect module close to the computer, using the included USB A-B cable. To allow the connect module to be installed away from the microphone and speaker bars a 50' (15m) Cat 6A Ethernet cable is included. Dual HDL300 systems include two of these cables.


The included Ethernet cables are not plenum-rated. If your installation requires running the Ethernet cable through a plenum, it is recommended to use plenum-rated Ethernet cables with the following specifications:

  • Cat 5E minimum
  • SSTP (Screened Shielded Twisted Pair)
  • Minimum 26 AWG gauge cable for cable runs under 164' (50 m)
  • Minimum 24 AWG gauge cable for cable runs under 246' (75 m)
  • Minimum 23 AWG gauge cable for cable runs up to 328' (100 m)

CV30 camera

The CV30 camera kit provides a powered USB 3.0 hub and a 10 meter (32.8 foot) USB 3.0 extender cable. The hub and extender cable support a 4K video stream and power delivery up to 600mA @ 5v. This extender cable is not plenum-rated.

For installations that require running the USB cable through a ceiling (plenum), it is recommended to use one of the USB over ethernet solutions that we have tested. The Ethernet cable between the two transmitter/receivers would be a plenum-rated Ethernet cable. Plenum-rated Ethernet cables are easier to find. Further information about USB extender requirements are available in the article listed below.






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