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Last Updated: February 6th, 2023

Nureva Console will indicate if a firmware update is available. If a message indicating that a firmware update is shown, the device is not up to date and should be updated. With the automatic updates feature for the HDL410, notifications for firmware updates will not be seen very often.

⚠ The HDL410 system will not be available for calls during the firmware update. Please do not turn off, unplug, or disconnect the device while a firmware update is in progress.

Manually update using Console cloud

  • The USB connection LED on the connect module will be solid yellow
  • A yellow "Update available" notification will be shown in the firmware version column of the Rooms dashboard

1. Click on the three dots in the Actions menu and select Update firmware

  • A confirmation dialog will appear to acknowledge that the device will not be available for calls during the update process

 2. Click Update firmware to continue

  • The download and update process will commence
  • When completed the new firmware version will be visible

Automatic firmware updates

When an HDL410 system is enrolled into Nureva Console cloud, automatic firmware updates are available. This feature is not available for HDL200, HDL300 or Dual HDL300 systems.

  • Automatic firmware updates are scheduled to run between 12:00 am (midnight) and 3:00 am based on the time zone that is chosen
  • The default value for the time zone will be based on the location of the computer logged into Console cloud during the initial setup
  • The time zone can be manually changed while enrolling the device into the cloud application or through the Rooms dashboard
  • Manually updating the firmware is also an available option for updating the firmware outside of the scheduled automatic updates

Changing the time zone

  • Launch Nureva Console in a browser and sign into your account
  • From the Rooms dashboard select the room with the HDL410
  • Navigate to Room information and click on the Room time zone menu
  • Select the desired time zone from the list

The time zone has been updated, taking effect immediately. 


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