Using the Q-SYS control plugin

HDL310 and HDL410 systems
Last Updated: February 5th, 2024

A plugin has been developed for integrating the Nureva® HDL310 and HDL410 conferencing systems with the Q-SYS™ audio, video and control platform. This Q-SYS-certified plugin delivers audio control that will enhance and simplify the remote experience.

Available system adjustments

The Q-SYS plugin enables adjustments to an HDL pro series system through the Q-SYS audio, video and control platform. The available adjustments are:

  • Speaker volume up/down
  • Microphone mute/unmute
  • Speaker treble and bass adjustment (EQ)
  • Recalibration

Sound location data

The HDL pro series systems’ sound location data is also included in the plugin and can be used to automate Q-SYS cameras.

Microphone status

The microphone status can also be monitored inside the plugin and connected to a monitoring proxy to enable monitoring and management with Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager.

Download the control plugin

Before downloading the plugin:

  • Update the Nureva audio conferencing system to the latest firmware version.
  • This plugin uses WebSocket connections to operate. Ensure that you use a version of Q-SYS that supports WebSocket connections. Q-SYS version 9.8.0 is the minimum base version that supports WebSockets.

Download and install the Q-SYS Designer Asset Manager by following these steps: 

  1. Sign up for a QSC account (or sign in if you have an account).
  2. Go to the Q-SYS Nureva technology partner site.
  3. Scroll down to the Nureva HDL310 and HDL410 section on the page.
  4. Click the Q-SYS Designer Asset Manager link.
  5. On the Q-SYS Designer Software page, scroll down toward the bottom and download the latest version of Q-SYS Designer Software.

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