Securing the RJ45 port on CM2

Nureva® HDL310 system
Last Updated: January 16th, 2024

By using the Ethernet port on the HDL310 connect module for Console Direct, there is a secure, continuous network connection to Nureva Console. After you’ve enrolled your HDL310 with a Nureva Console account, you can remotely monitor devices, adjust settings, access analytics, get firmware updates and more.

Some organizations prefer to use an in-room computer and manage their Nureva devices locally through the Nureva Console desktop application. Often, this preference is determined by the organization’s cybersecurity policies. To help ensure those policies are enforced, an RJ45 port lock can be used to restrict access to the Ethernet port on the connect module.

What is a port lock?

A port lock is a type of physical block-out device that protects an unused port from unauthorized access. Port locks are available for various ports including Ethernet, USB, serial, parallel and DVI ports. This article focuses on using RJ45 port locks.

Why use an RJ45 port lock?

Exposed network ports are a point through which an unauthorized user can gain access to an organization’s network. An RJ45 port lock minimizes the risk of a network security breach through an exposed port. An additional benefit to using an RJ45 port lock is protection from dust, debris and foreign objects entering the port opening.

How does an RJ45 port lock work?

This block-out device works with standard RJ45 openings. The port lock is inserted into the open port and locked using a port lock key. Port lock keys are generally proprietary and specific to the brand of lock. Removing the port lock without using the key can cause damage to the port and potentially make the port unusable.

The connect module for Nureva HDL310 devices does not have any unique specifications or restrictions on using RJ45 port locks. Nureva recommends researching the options and choosing the port lock that best suits your organization’s requirements.

Are there many options for RJ45 port locks?

Many brands and types of RJ45 port locks are available. They typically come in a variety of colors as well as package sizes. Here are some examples of port locks:

Where is the RJ45 port for Console Direct located?

The Console Direct RJ45 port is next to the auxiliary in and out ports.

Can a port lock be used with the microphone and speaker bar RJ45 ports?

The RJ45 ports on the microphone and speaker bars are not network-enabled. These ports are configured to

  • Exchange data between the components of the HDL310 system
  • Provide Power over Ethernet (PoE) for the microphone and speaker bars

RJ45 port locks added to the microphone and speaker bar ports will not enhance network security. For the HDL310 system, using a port lock on the unused port will protect it from dust, debris and foreign objects.

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