Is the HDL300 system compatible with the Logitech® Tap?

Yes, the HDL300 system is compatible with Logitech's Tap solution.

To get started, first check that the HDL300 is up-to-date and set up correctly:

  • Attach the HDL300 connect module to a laptop using a USB-A to USB-B cable
  • Download and Install Nureva Room Manager, and under 
    • Product updates => Check for firmware updates
    • Audio conferencing system
      • Controls
        • Microphones => set the mic level to 80%
        • Speakers => set the volume level to 100%
    • Disconnect the connect module from your laptop and remove the USB cable


  1. Attach the HDL300 Connect Module to one of the USB-A ports on the Logitech Intel NUC PC, using the USB cable included with the HDL300 system.
  2. Connect the Logitech Tap  to the Logitech Intel NUC using a USB-C cable

NOTE: Nureva recommends using the NUC PC as the preferred USB connection ports as they are designed for use with external audio devices. Using this connection method also simplifies the connection with the Tap console base through the single USB cable.


  1. In the Logitech Tap console user-interface, select the gear icon Settings
  2. Set the Microphone and Speaker to Echo cancelling speakerphone (HDL300)
  3. Test the speaker and adjust the volume as needed

NOTE: – For Logitech Tap to function properly, it is important to setup General Network, Server and Account Administration.  Please follow the steps in these Installation Guides:

Connection Diagram

Last updated: February 28, 2020

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