Enhancing speaker output levels

Nureva® audio conferencing systems
Last Updated: July 10th, 2023

Nureva audio conferencing systems are each designed to cover a specific room size with high-quality microphone pickup and speaker output. In most cases, there is enough speaker output to effectively cover the specified room size.

However, in some situations – especially rooms with high background noise and poor acoustics – extra speaker output may be needed. In most of these situations, adjusting the settings on the computer and in Nureva Console effectively boosts speaker output. Use the following five steps to make these adjustments.

1. Adjust treble and bass settings

Adjust the treble and bass settings in Nureva Console. In most rooms, a higher bass setting (e.g., 60) can be used without impacting echo-cancellation performance. Higher bass settings will result in a louder, richer-sounding speaker output. However, if echo leaks occur when a remote participant speaks during an audio or video conference, it means the bass setting is too high for the room and should be lowered. 

2. Review system, device and application settings

Review the system, device and application settings on the connected computer to ensure the incoming signal is at the proper level and there are no hardware or installation issues. 

3. Connect external speakers

Connect external speakers using the auxiliary output ports on an HDL300, Dual HDL300, HDL310 or HDL410 system.

4. Contact technical support

Contact technical support to ensure there are no hardware or installation issues.

5. Consider an HDL410 system

Consider using an HDL410 system in rooms that are at the upper end of HDL300 coverage. With twice as many speakers, the HDL410 will sound much louder and fuller in most situations. The HDL410 will deliver great microphone pickup even when the bars are relatively close together in smaller rooms.

Comparing speaker outputs

HDL300 HDL310   Dual HDL300 HDL410
Similar to HDL310 Similar to HDL300 Maximum speaker output Improved over HDL300 Improved over HDL300 and HDL310
  Richer and clearer sound  


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