HDL200 remote control

Functions and troubleshooting
Last Updated: March 1st, 2023

HDL200 remote control functions


The remote control allows users to:

  • Answer and end calls: When pressed, the "answer call" and "end call" buttons send a command to the computer to answer/end a call
  • Mute: When pressed, the "mute" button sends a command to the computer to mute the call
  • Volume up and volume down: When pressed, the "volume up" and "volume down" buttons send a command to the computer to adjust the computer master volume control

NOTE: The remote control cannot be used to start a call and may not be compatible with all UC&C clients.

Remote control recalibration

A recalibration can be started with the sequence of the remote control buttons shown below.

  1. Press [F4] five times in quick succession
  1. Press the Mute button on the remote

The HDL200 will enter recalibration mode and the LCD screen will enter calibration mode.

Remote control codes

The HDL200 remote control uses the NEC infrared transmission protocol, which specifies a carrier frequency of 38kHz. If an infrared (IR) blaster (transmitter) is used to control the HDL200, then the following codes can be programmed.

Call answer
48 77 0A F5
Call hang-up
48 77 0C F3
48 77 1F E0
Volume (-)
48 77 1C E3
Volume (+)
48 77 07 F8
48 77 05 FA
48 77 0F F0
48 77 0B F4
48 77 06 F9


If the remote control is not operating correctly, try the following:

  1. Point the remote at the center of the LCD screen, at a 90-degree angle
  2. Move closer to the HDL200 (optimum range is within 20 feet)
  3. Confirm that the front of the remote is not obstructed
  4. Confirm that the path between the remote control and HDL200 are not blocked
  5. Replace the batteries

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