Getting started with your Nureva® CV30 camera

Nureva Console with Windows® or macOS®
Last Updated: February 20th, 2024

  Administrative access may be required on the computer connected to the CV30 camera.

Step 1: Download Nureva Console client


Ver. 3.1.260940     Size: 143 MB

1643998823905-Download - macOS - no (R)@72x-8.png

Ver. 3.1.260940     Size: 216 MB

Install on the computer connected to the CV30 camera

  • Launch Nureva Console client installer 
  • Follow the steps to complete the installation

Nureva Console client enables:

  • Remote management of Nureva devices in Nureva Console
  • Device firmware updates
  • Local device management

NOTE: If you have increased security on your network, you may need to approve the URLs from this list.

Step 2: Connect the hardware

Connect an HDL300 system

  • Using the USB cable provided with the HDL300, connect to the USB-B port on the connect module
  • Connect the USB cable to a USB-A port on the front of the Nureva USB hub
  • Connect the PoE cable provided with the HDL300 to the RJ45-1 port on the connect module
    • For a Dual HDL300 system connect both PoE cables to the RJ45 ports
  • Run the PoE cable to the RJ45 port on the microphone and speaker bar
    • For a Dual HDL300 system connect each PoE cable to an RJ45 port on the microphone and speaker bar

Connect the CV30 camera

  • Connect the USB A-B cable provided with the CV30 kit to the back of the CV30 camera
  • Connect the USB A-B cable from the camera to a USB-A port on the front of the Nureva USB hub
  • Connect the USB-A cable from the back of the Nureva USB hub to a USB-A port on the in-room computer.

Connect the HDL300 and CV30 to power

  • Connect the HDL300 power supply and power cable
  • Connect the power supply to the HDL300 connect module
  • Connect the micro USB cable to the CV30 power supply to the micro USB port on the Nureva USB hub
  • Plug both power supplies into an available wall socket or power bar

HDL300 and CV30 connection diagram

Dual HDL300 and CV30 connection diagram

HDL300 and Dual HDL300 calibration

  • HDL300 and Dual HDL300 systems will automatically calibrate when powered up for the first time
    • Please remain quiet in the room until calibration is complete
  • When calibration has been completed continue to step 3 and launch Nureva Console client to perform the firmware update for both the HDL300 and the CV30.

Step 3a: Enable HDL300 and CV30 camera cloud management (initial enrollment)

  • Launch Nureva Console client
  • The CV30 camera requires a Nureva audio conferencing system connected to the same computer for remote management
  • When the Manage remotely button is selected, the audio system and the CV30 camera will be detected by Nureva Console client

If the Manage remotely button is not visible remote management has already been enabled for the Nureva audio conferencing system. If this happens, skip ahead to 3b. Enable CV30 remote management (audio device already enrolled).

  • To begin, click the Manage remotely button in the blue banner
  • Click the Enable remote management button at the bottom of the window
Step 1: Account creation or sign in
  • Click the Create account link
  • Advance to the Nureva Console account creation page
  • Complete account creation
  • If you have an account, sign in and enroll your device

    Please DO NOT close Nureva Console client as it is needed to complete enrollment.

  • Complete all of the fields and set-up steps
    • Enter your email address, first name and last name
    • Create a password
  • Agree to the Nureva Software License and General Terms
  • Opt-in or out of product and service emails
  • Click on Create account
  • Check your email for the verification email
    • Verify the email address by clicking the Verify link in the email
    • If the email is not in your inbox, please look in the junk or spam filter
  • You will be directed to the sign in page, where you can now sign in
  • The first time that you sign in an organization will need to be created
    • Enter your Organization's name and click Create

Click here for additional information on how to create an account.

NOTE: If you have increased security on your network, you may need to approve the URLs from this list.

Step 2: Begin enrollment

When Nureva Console cloud launches for the first time, no devices will be enrolled. To make the connection between the physical hardware and the ability to manage it online, an enrollment code is required.

  • Click on Enroll device to begin device enrollment
NOTE: If you have closed the client window, relaunch the desktop client and click Manage remotely

Step 3: Generate enrollment code
  • Click the Generate enrollment code button in Nureva Console client. 
 Step 4: Copy enrollment code
  • Click the Enroll device button in the client
  • Return to the browser window
  • Paste the enrollment code into the Enter code box in Nureva Console cloud
  • Click Next
  • Select Allow from the pop-up in your browser to continue with device enrollment

Step 5: Room details (optional)

  • Enter some room details such as the room name, type, capacity and tags
  • Click Save

The HDL300 and CV30 camera should now appear in the device list, as shown below.
1643403503362-Artboard – 26.png

Step 3b: Enable CV30 camera cloud management (audio system already enrolled)

If your Nureva audio device has already been set up for remote management, CV30 camera enrollment is simple. You can tell that your Nureva audio device is already enrolled if you see the cloud enabled icon on the left-hand side of the Nureva Console client window.

1643404288595-Enroll_1 – 5.png

Once the CV30 camera hardware is connected, Nureva Console client will automatically detect and enroll the camera

Once enrollment has succeeded, you will see the cloud enabled icon appear for both the CV30 camera and the Nureva audio conferencing system.

When you log into the Nureva Console cloud the CV30 camera will appear in the Rooms list, as shown below.


Step 4: Update firmware

 The CV30 camera is unavailable during the firmware update. Please do not turn off the computer or disconnect the device.

Nureva Console indicates the firmware version of each enrolled device. If "Update available" is shown in the firmware version column of the dashboard, the firmware is not up to date. 
  • Click on the three dots in the Actions menu and select Update firmware

A confirmation dialog will appear to acknowledge that the device will not be available for calls during the update process.

  • Click Update to continue

The download and update will commence. Once completed the new version will be visible.

The CV30 setup is now complete. To ensure video quality it is recommended to perform a test video conference.

For more information on optimizing device settings please go here.


Step 5a: Adjust the camera using the remote

  1. Launch a video conferencing application (e.g. Microsoft, Teams or Zoom)
  2. Navigate to the application's settings menu
  3. Within the settings menu locate the device settings
  4. Ensure that the Nureva CV30 camera has been selected


The remote control is used for:

  • Adjusting the camera view
  • Storing preset camera views
  • Turning on/off tracking
  • Adjusting the volume on HDL300 and Dual HDL300 systems

  • Press Menu to enter or exit the on-screen menu display
  • The menu will appear over the camera view
  • This is used to access advanced camera settings
  • Use the arrows to navigate menus and cycle settings
  • Press the Home button to select a choice
  • Press the Home button to confirm a setting change
  • Pressing the Home button without an open menu returns the camera to the default view
  • Press the Tracking button to turn on or turn off tracking
  • When tracking is enabled the person in the camera view is followed as they walk around
  • If nobody is in the camera's view the image will zoom out to full view
  • Pressing any of the preset camera views will exit tracking
  • Press the Tracking button again to restore tracking
  • Press the SET button followed by 1, 2, or 3 to save a camera view to a preset
  • Pressing 1, 2, or 3 positions the camera to the chosen preset
  • Use the left and right arrows to switch the camera tracking between the people in the camera's view
  • Pan and tilt functions are available once the camera has been zoomed in
  • Press an arrow once for incremental movement in the desired direction
  • Press and hold the arrows for continuous pan or tilt
  • Press to Zoom in the camera view
  • Press to Zoom out the camera view
  • Mute
  • Volume down
  • Volume Up

Step 5b: Adjust the camera using Nureva Console client

Using Nureva Console client is an alternative to using the remote control to adjust the live camera view. The advantage is that there is a live camera view available in Nureva Console client. The live camera view has buttons overlaying the view for easy adjustments.

To begin adjusting the CV30 camera's view:

  • Open Nureva Console client and select the CV30 from the device list
  • The CV30 device page will display, and a live camera view will become visible

Initial CV30 camera connection

When the CV30 camera is connected for the first time, the camera view will load 100% zoomed out, which is the full view. Clicking on the zoom in button (1) or zoom slider (2) will make the other controls accessible.


Adjusting the camera view

After the live camera view has loaded the CV30 camera view can be adjusted. The available adjustments are zooming in/out, panning left/right and tilting up/down.

If automated tracking is enabled for the CV30, the camera view controls will not change the camera view. Turning off automated tracking with the remote control will allow the camera view to be adjusted. Automated tracking can be turned off using the tracking button on the top, right corner of the remote control.

When the CV30 camera is being used by another application, the camera view is not available. A notification advising that the camera is in use by another application will be displayed. Closing the other application or stopping the other application from using the CV30 will restore the camera view within Nureva Console client.

Use the buttons overlaying the camera view to adjust the camera to the preferred setting.


Camera control diagram
Control number
Control description
Zoom in
Zoom slider (slide up to zoom in & slide down to zoom out)
Zoom out
Tilt up
Tilt down
Pan left
Pan right
Home (100% zoom out)

NOTE: The remote control can still be used in conjunction with the controls in Console client. The controls will not be functional if automated tracking is enabled.


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