What is the Nureva® Console platform?

Nureva Console platform makes managing your meeting and classroom spaces simple.
Last Updated: February 11th, 2022

Nureva Console is a cloud-based platform, consisting of two important tools for IT Managers and Developers:

  • Nureva Console cloud application
  • Nureva Developer Toolkit

Together they provide an intelligent, easy-to-use platform, to manage and maintain every Nureva device.  There are two main components to enable you to monitor and manage your devices.


A web-based application to remotely monitor and manage your Nureva devices from the cloud with no servers to manage, and access from anywhere.

Local desktop client

An application accessed through the computer desktop that allows you to easily connect your USB devices to the Nureva Console cloud application through a Windows or macOS computer.

Monitor and manage devices

Nureva Console supports remotely monitoring and managing multiple devices, across multiple locations from a single cloud-based application.

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