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Learn how to use Nureva Console cloud to access customer support quickly and easily
Last Updated: March 1st, 2023

To make requesting technical support easier we have added a button and form to initiate a support request from Nureva Console cloud. When requesting support with this button, Nureva Console automatically captures important information to speed up the time it takes to resolve support cases.

Choose the room that you need help with from the Rooms dashboard. The Request Support button is located in the bottom, left-hand corner of that room's dashboard. Select the device and choose the issue type from the dropdown menus.

  1. Choose the room with the system issue
  2. Click on Request support in the bottom left-hand corner of the dashboard
  3. Select the device that you need help with from the dropdown menu
  4. Select the issue type from the dropdown menu and enter a detailed description
  5. Click on Submit when you are ready to contact support

Nureva Console will send the request to Nureva Support and create a support case on your behalf.

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