How to add a camera to Nureva® Console client

CV30 camera and third-party cameras
Last Updated: June 6th, 2022

Video conferencing cameras can be added to Nureva Console client allowing for remote monitoring. The CV30 camera has additional management features available as well.

Adding a Nureva CV30 camera

Nureva Console client auto detects Nureva conferencing devices including the CV30 camera.

  • Ensure that the CV30 camera is connected to the computer
  • Open Nureva Console client
  • The CV30 camera will be detected and listed as a device 

See Connecting a Nureva conferencing system to Nureva Console client for additional information.

Adding a third party camera

Nureva Console client supports monitoring of many USB cameras. These third-party cameras are monitored alongside Nureva conferencing systems.

NOTE: A Nureva conferencing device must be connected to the computer and detected by Nureva Console client before adding a third-party camera.

  • Open Nureva Console client
  • Confirm that one or more Nureva conferencing systems are shown in Nureva Console client
  • Press the camera icon button in the Devices list on the left

  • When the interface opens select the camera you would like to add from the drop-down list
  • Once a camera is selected the live camera view will be active in the preview area
  • Press the Add button to bring the selected camera into the Nureva Console client device list

NOTE: Some third-party cameras may not be supported. An error notification will advise if a third-party camera cannot be added.

Once the camera has been added, it will appear in the Devices list in Nureva Console client. Some basic camera information will also be displayed under the camera preview to help identify the camera hardware.

Add the wrong camera?

A third-party camera can easily be removed from Nureva Console client. Press the Remove camera button located under the camera preview on the device page for the specific camera to be removed.

 The camera will be removed from Nureva Console client and can be added again at any time.

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