Setting up a system for divisible rooms

Using HDL300 and Dual HDL300 systems in configurable spaces
Last Updated: January 25th, 2023

A switchable configuration for an audio conferencing system may be useful in divisible rooms with movable dividers, partitions, walls or doors. The HDL300 and Dual HDL300 systems can easily be set up for use in divisible rooms. The systems can be combined or divided depending on how the divisible room is configured.

Choosing a switch

A 2-way A/B manual ethernet switch is needed in the configuration to switch in and out one integrated microphone and speaker bar. The switch needs to support a minimum of 10/100 Base-T Ethernet standards and pass PoE power.

We have tested the switches listed below. Generally, switches from other manufacturers that have the same specifications and functionality work when configured as shown in this article.

  • CablesOnline Manual Switch Box SB-034
  • L-Com A/B Network Switch with Ethernet Control
    • This switch has been confirmed to allow for switching remotely via telnet, web browser or SNMP

Setup option 1

The first option switches one of the microphone and speaker bars in and out of a Dual HDL300 system. This allows for Dual HDL300 operation when the second microphone and speaker bar is included and allows for one of the smaller partitioned rooms to operate as an HDL300 system when the rooms are divided.

Setup option 2

The second option switches one of the integrated microphone and speaker bars between two HDL300 systems. When the “B” position is selected on the switch both configurations will work together as a dual system. When the “A” position is selected, the left microphone and speaker bar will connect to the left connect module and computer, and the right microphone and speaker bar is connected to the right connect module and computer. These two separate systems can each run independently in when the space is divided into two rooms.

Required firmware

The connect modules for the HDL300 or Dual HDL300 systems should have firmware version 2.0 or higher installed. Firmware versions before version 2.0 do not support using two microphone and speaker bars.


It is recommended to complete a recalibration each time the systems are switched between the two configurations. Recalibration is a process that calibrates the system within seconds and can be manually started at any time. Recalibration is usually used when the room configuration changes significantly, such as with a divisible room. Do not perform a recalibration and then re-position the system or furniture. Make sure there are no other audible sound sources in the room other than normal ambient noise (e.g. no music playing, no people talking).

Room size considerations

Room size is an important consideration when choosing how to configure the system for a divisible room. The divisible room should meet the size requirements for an HDL300 system when divided into smaller spaces and should meet the size requirements for a Dual HDL300 system when combined into a large space.

Reverberation management

Sound absorbing dividers should be considered to minimize the reverberation within the room and for minimal sound to pass between the rooms when the single system is in use.

Changing a Dual HDL300 system to an HDL300 system

If you choose to change your Dual HDL300 system into an HDL300 system and no longer use ethernet switching, you can easily reconfigure the system to accommodate changes in your space as follows.

  • Decide on which of the speaker bars to decommission
  • On the Connect Module, identify the ethernet cable that connects the speaker bar you want to decommission and unplug
  • Unmount the speaker bar from the wall, disconnect the ethernet cable and store both the cable and the microphone and speaker bar in a safe place for future use

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