Can the HDL300 integrate with audio and video systems with non-USB connections?

Information about HDL300 system's 3.5mm aux in and aux out ports
Last Updated: July 28th, 2021

Yes. The HDL300 connect module has auxiliary in and auxiliary out ports, which can be connected to conferencing systems that support analog input/output.

Use the auxiliary in and auxiliary out on the HDL300 connect module to connect a conferencing codec or mixer. Connecting to the auxiliary in will playback audio from the connected codec. Connecting the auxiliary out to the conferencing codec device will provide echo-canceled microphone pickup through to remote participants.

Default input/output details
Auxiliary in  
Unbalanced, 3.5 mm jack, maximum 1 Vrms (2.83 Vp-p)
The HDL300 speakers will playback sound from the connected source
Auxiliary out
Unbalanced, 3.5 mm jack, maximum 0.92 Vrms (2.6 Vp-p) into 10 Kohm load
The HDL300 will provide processed, echo-canceled sound via the microphone pickup

Some conferencing codecs or mixers may require changes to their settings to accept the pass through of audio.

Audio jack cabling

As the signal and cable are single-ended, keeping the cabling length to a maximum of 6 feet to ensure minimum noise is coupled onto the signal. Avoid running noisy cables next to these audio cables so coupling does not occur. Installing the connected equipment next to the connect module will help make sure this happens.

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