Test an HDL200 system’s speakers and microphones
    • 24 Apr 2024
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    Test an HDL200 system’s speakers and microphones

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    Test the speakers

    Use a test signal

    Play a test signal using a program or sound source that generates a frequency sweep from 150 Hz to 15 kHz. If there’s no speaker output, the output is distorted or there is playback on only one channel, check the system wiring and software settings for the playback (output speaker) device.

    Use a stereo signal

    Play a signal that alternates between right and left channels (stereo). If there’s no speaker output or the speaker plays on only one channel, check the system wiring and the operating settings for the playback (output speaker).

    Test for rubbing and buzzing

    Play an audio source at a high volume. If the microphone and speaker bar vibrates or it generates a rubbing sound or a buzzing noise, remount the system ensuring it’s secure against the wall.

    Test the microphone

    Capture your voice with a recording application while walking around the room and talking at a normal volume. Playing back the audio will help confirm whether the microphones picked up your voice correctly.

    • If your voice is not heard when playing back the recording, check the system wiring.

    • If your voice’s volume is low, check the microphone and speaker volume settings.

    • If there’s considerable reverberation or echoing, acoustic room treatments may be needed to improve the audio quality.


    The Windows® Sound Recorder app is recommended for recording audio with Windows computers. This app is also known as the Windows Voice Recorder and is available from the Windows app store.


    QuickTime® Player is recommended for recording audio with macOS® devices. This app is available from the Apple website.

    Steps for making a recording

    1. Ensure the HDL200 system is set as the default device and the default communication device for playback and recording on the computer.

    2. Open the recording app and start recording.

    3. After the recording has started, you will see the app react to your voice.

    4. Speak clearly while moving around the room, being sure to cover the whole room.

    5. Stop recording.

    6. Listen to the recording to confirm whether the microphone pickup is acceptable.

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