Setting up Dual HDL300 systems with Nureva Console client
    • 18 Apr 2024
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    Setting up Dual HDL300 systems with Nureva Console client

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    What is Nureva Console?

    Nureva® Console is a cloud-based platform consisting of three important tools:

    • Desktop client

    • Cloud application

    • Nureva Developer Toolkit

    Together, they provide an intelligent, easy-to-use platform to manage and maintain all Nureva devices.

    Why enroll devices in Nureva Console cloud?

    Enrolling devices allows device managers to:

    • Monitor devices through the device dashboard.

    • Manage devices remotely.

    • Perform remote firmware updates.

    Connecting the Dual HDL300 system

    1. Connect the included USB cable to the USB-B port on the connect module.

    2. Run the cable to the in-room computer and connect it to a USB-A port.

    3. Connect the provided Ethernet cables to the RJ45-1 and RJ45-2 ports on the connect module.

    4. Run and connect the Ethernet cables to the RJ45 ports on the back of the microphone and speaker bars.

    5. Connect the power supply to the connect module and plug into an outlet or a power bar.

    6. When switched on, the Dual HDL300 will automatically calibrate.

    Please remain quiet in the room until calibration is complete.

    Download and install Nureva Console client

    1. Download Nureva Console client.

    2. Launch Nureva Console client installer.

    3. Follow the steps to complete the installation.

    Launch Nureva Console client

    1. Launch Nureva Console client.

    2. The Dual HDL300 system will be automatically detected.

    3. Follow the setup steps to set the Dual HDL300 as the default audio device.


    Enroll the Dual HDL300 into Nureva Console cloud using the step-by-step enrollment instructions.

    Learn more about optimizing the Dual HDL300 system settings.


    Restart the computer

    • Restart the computer.

    • Attempt to check for updates again.

    If restarting the computer did not help

    • Uninstall Nureva Console client then reinstall the application.

    • Launch the application.

    Check the network settings

    Nureva Console requires a steady connection to the internet. In some cases, specific URLs or program folders will need to be approved by an IT administrator.

    Learn how to configure your network for Nureva Console and the required URL approvals.

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