Quick start guide — HDL310 system
    • 06 Jun 2024
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    Quick start guide — HDL310 system

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    Quick start guide

    It’s important to review the quick start guide for the Nureva® HDL310 system before installing the device. Instructions and details such as the placement of the microphone and speaker bar and required materials are outlined in the guide.

    HDL310 quick start guide

    Placement and clearance

    The microphone and speaker bar placement can affect the performance of the HDL310 system. Factors such as installation height and microphone clearance should be considered before installation.

    Microphone clearance requirements and recommendations

    Preventing overheating

    • Do not block the vents on the top, bottom or back of the connect module. These vents are required to keep the circuits from overheating.

    • Ensure adequate space between all vents and other objects to promote airflow and cooling.

    • Avoid installing the connect module in a confined space.


    HDL310 installation video

    Learn how to install the HDL310 audio conferencing system on a wall in less than 30 minutes, with no special skills or tools.

    HDL310 installation video

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