Optimize the HDL300 system settings
    • 18 Jun 2024
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    Optimize the HDL300 system settings

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    Learn how to optimize the HDL300 system settings for your organization’s unique space. The system’s features and settings are managed in Nureva® Console. It’s recommended that device settings are adjusted during a test call. All device settings can be returned to the system defaults at any time.

    Before starting

    • Set the HDL300 system as the default audio device.

    • Open Nureva Console desktop client or log in to the Nureva Console cloud account.


    Configure the microphone system to be mono input or stereo input.

    Mono (default)

    • Captures in-room audio as a single source

    • Mono is the recommended setting


    • Captures in-room audio as left and right sources

    Show troubleshooting

    • The microphone gain setting can be adjusted if remote participants are having trouble hearing people’s voices.

    Microphone gain setting for advanced troubleshooting


    Nureva Console offers two presets for treble and bass output. If additional adjustments are required, select Custom to adjust the treble and the bass individually.

    • Meeting room (default)

    • Classroom

    • Custom (treble and bass sliders are available)

    Adjusting the treble and bass can affect echo-cancellation performance. It’s recommended these settings are adjusted during a test call.

    Pressing the Play sound test button will produce a series of tones through the HDL300 system’s speakers, confirming they are functioning.

    Audio processing

    The HDL300 system continuously auto-calibrates for optimal audio quality. Audio processing settings are available in Nureva Console. They should be adjusted only if users are experiencing problems.

    Echo reduction

    Select a lower setting if remote users notice that voices in the room are cutting out. If remote users can hear their own voices echoing, select a higher setting.

    • Low

    • Medium (recommended)

    • High

    Noise reduction

    Select a lower setting if remote users notice that voices in the room are cutting out. If remote users hear background noises such as HVAC systems or fans, select a higher setting.

    • Low

    • Medium (recommended)

    • High


    Initiate recalibration when the room setup has changed significantly to quickly optimize the audio performance of a Nureva audio conferencing system.

    Explore system calibration

    Auxiliary ports

    Aux in

    Connect the auxiliary input source to be output through the HDL300 system’s speakers. The signals from the aux-in port will get mixed with any signals from a USB audio source.

    Aux out

    Select an auxiliary output mode for interoperability with other audio systems.

    • Mic level (echo-canceled microphone output at mic level)

      • Used for recorders and mixers

    • Line level (default echo-canceled microphone output at line level)

      • Used for external devices

    • Speaker out (speaker output at line level)

      • Used for external speakers

    • Mixed signal (mixed microphone and speaker signals at line level)

      • Used for hearing aid transmitters (hearing augmentation)

    Sleep mode

    This allows the system to go into power-saving mode and is defaulted to enabled. Disable the sleep mode if your HDL300 system is connected using any of the auxiliary ports.

    Active Zone Control

    Active Zone Control allows a user to configure the microphone pickup of the HDL300 system for a specific part of the room. The microphone pickup in the active zone will be heard clearly, while sounds outside the active zone will be reduced.

    1. Slide the toggle on or off to enable or disable Active Zone Control.

    2. Use the drag handles (or enter the length and width) to adjust the active zone size.

    3. Walk around the chosen active zone location while speaking. Blue dots indicating where your voice was heard will appear on the zone overview in Nureva Console. Adjust the partial zone size to ensure all speaking locations are heard clearly.

    4. After the active zone has been enabled, the F2 button on the remote control can be used to toggle between full zone coverage and partial zone coverage.

    Voice Amplification Mode

    Voice Amplification Mode gives a presenter an amplified voice in the room when wearing a wireless headset or earset microphone. Only the voice of the person wearing the microphone will be amplified.

    • Remote participants hear the presenter’s voice amplified through the Nureva audio system’s speakers.

    • Remote participants hear the presenter and the rest of the room through the conferencing application.

    • Voice Amplification Mode is only available while using the Nureva Console cloud application.

    Enable Voice Amplification Mode

    1. Enable and disable Voice Amplification Mode by sliding the toggle to the right or left.

    2. Click Apply at the top of the Device settings dashboard.

    3. Set the appropriate aux-in to Mic level (default) or Line level as specified in the microphone system’s manual.

    4. Select a Low, Medium or High amplification level for the presenter’s voice.


    Back up current settings

    • Creates a backup of the current HDL300 system settings

    • Recommended for saving settings for future restoration

    Restore backup settings

    • Available after a backup has been created

    • Brings back previously saved settings to the device

    Reset to factory settings button

    • Takes the HDL300 system back to factory settings

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