Using a Logitech RoomMate with an HDL310 system
    • 07 Jun 2024
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    Using a Logitech RoomMate with an HDL310 system

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    The Logitech RoomMate and the Nureva® HDL310 system can be combined to provide audio performance optimized for large meeting and learning environments.

    Before starting

    Set up the HDL310 system by following the steps in the getting started guide:

    Get started with HDL310 systems

    On the Logitech RoomMate

    • Ensure the Logitech RoomMate is using the latest version of software and firmware

    • Connect the USB cable from the HDL310 to any USB-A port on the RoomMate

    • Connect an HDMI cable from the HDMI-out port of the RoomMate to the in-room display

    • Go to Logitech CollabOS settings

      • Select Display and Audio

      • Click on Audio

      • Turn on External Audio and confirm the activation prompt

    Note: The RoomMate will reboot and the settings will be applied.

    Testing device audio

    • Go to Logitech system settings

    • Select Display and Audio

    • Click on Audio

    • Select Test speakers or Test microphones

      • Test the speakers and microphones using the equipment test tool at the bottom

    • Exit the system settings and return to the conferencing application

    Important: Confirm that Nureva audio is set as the default speaker and microphone device in the conferencing application.

    Resources from Logitech

    CollabOS Admin Guide

    CollabOS Guide & Release Notes

    Getting Started - RoomMate

    The technical information in this article, including specifications and recommendations, is provided for customer convenience. The accuracy of this information is not guaranteed and is subject to change without notice. Please check the user manuals and related documentation from each product manufacturer to ensure that your setup meets the proper recommendations.

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