How to adjust a CV30 camera
    • 25 Apr 2024
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    How to adjust a CV30 camera

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    The Nureva® CV30 camera has two options for adjusting settings. The first option is through the remote control and onscreen menu. The second option is through the Nureva Console desktop client.

    Option 1: Adjust camera using the remote control

    Before starting:

    1. Launch a videoconferencing application (e.g., Microsoft® Teams or Zoom).

    2. Go to the settings menu in the application.

    3. Within the settings menu, go to the device settings.

    4. Ensure the CV30 camera is selected.

    The remote control is used for:

    • Adjusting the camera view

    • Storing preset camera views

    • Turning tracking on and off

    • Adjusting the volume on Nureva audio systems

    Opening the menu on the remote

    Opening the menu

    • Press Menu to enter or exit the onscreen menu display.

    • The menu will appear over the camera view.

    • This is used to access advanced camera settings.

    Home button on remote


    • Press the Home button to select a choice.

    • Press the Home button to confirm a setting change.

    • Pressing the Home button without an open menu returns the camera to the default view.

    Tracking button on remote


    • Press the Tracking button to turn on or turn off tracking.

    • When tracking is enabled, the person in the camera view is followed as they walk around.

    • If there is no one in the camera view, the camera will zoom out to full view.

    Camera presets button on remote

    Camera presets

    • Pressing any of the preset camera views will exit tracking.

    • Press the Tracking button again to restore tracking.

    • Press the SET button followed by 1, 2 or 3 to save a camera view to a preset.

    • Pressing 1, 2 or 3 adjusts the camera to the chosen preset.

    Home and arrows buttons on remote


    • Use the arrows to move through menus and cycle settings.

    • Use the left and right arrows to switch the camera tracking between the people in the camera view.

    • Pan and tilt functions are available when the camera has been zoomed in.

    • Press an arrow once for incremental movement in the desired direction.

    • Press and hold the arrows for a continuous pan or tilt.

    Zoom in and out on remote

    Zoom in and out

    • Press + to zoom in the camera view.

    • Press  to zoom out the camera view.

    Volume and mute buttons on remote

    Volume and mute

    • Mute

    • Volume down

    • Volume up

    Option 2: Adjust camera using Nureva Console client

    Using Nureva Console client is an alternative to using the remote control to adjust the live camera view. The advantage is that there is a live camera view available in Nureva Console client. The live camera view has buttons overlaying the view for easy adjustments.

    To begin adjusting the CV30 camera view:

    • Open Nureva Console client and select the CV30 from the device list.

    • The CV30 device page will load and a live camera view will appear.

    Initial CV30 camera connection

    When the CV30 camera is connected for the first time, the camera view will load 100% zoomed out, which is the full view. Clicking on the zoom-in button (1) or zoom slider (2) will make the other controls accessible.

    Adjusting the camera view

    After the live camera view has loaded, the CV30 camera view can be adjusted. The available adjustments are zooming in or out, panning left or right and tilting up or down.

    If automated tracking is enabled for the CV30, the camera view controls will not change the camera view. Turning off automated tracking with the remote control will allow the camera view to be adjusted. Automated tracking can be turned off using the tracking button at the top-right corner of the remote control.

    When the CV30 camera is being used by another application, the camera view is not available. A notification that the camera is in use by another application will appear. Closing the other application or stopping it from using the CV30 will restore the camera view within Nureva Console client.

    Use the buttons overlaying the camera view to adjust the camera to the preferred setting.

    CV30 adjust console

    Remote control number

    Remote control description


    Zoom in


    Zoom slider (slide up to zoom in and slide down to zoom out)


    Zoom out


    Tilt up


    Tilt down


    Pan left


    Pan right


    Home (100% zoom out)

    Note: The remote control can still be used in conjunction with the controls in Nureva Console client. The controls will not be functional if automated tracking is enabled.

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