Get started with the Dual HDL300 system
    • 24 Apr 2024
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    Get started with the Dual HDL300 system

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    Before you start

    Nureva® Console client is an application installed on a computer (with a Windows® or macOS® operating system) to manage the Nureva audio system. The app provides system configuration steps and options, and it also detects when firmware and software updates are available.

     Download and install Nureva Console client

    • Download Nureva Console client.

    • Launch Nureva Console client installer.

    • Follow the steps to complete the installation.


    1. Administrative access is required on the computer connected to the system.

    2. If the network uses enhanced internet security or firewalls, it may be necessary to approve the URLs on this list.

    3. DO NOT close Nureva Console client until device enrollment is complete.

    Step 1: Install the Dual HDL300

    Review the Dual HDL300 system’s installation guide before installing the device. Important considerations such as the placement of the microphone and speaker bars and required materials are outlined in the guide.

    Placement and clearance recommendations

    Step 2: Connect the Dual HDL300

    1. Connect the provided USB cable to the USB-B port on the connect module.

    2. Run the cable to the in-room computer, connecting to a USB-A port.

    3. Connect the provided Power over Ethernet (PoE) cables to the RJ45-1 and RJ45-2 ports on the connect module.

    4. Run the PoE cables to the RJ45 ports on each microphone and speaker bars.

    5. Join together the provided power cord with the power supply.

    6. Connect the power supply to the Dual HDL300 and plug it into a power source.


    After the device is connected and switched on

    1. Next, the Dual HDL300 system will automatically calibrate. Please remain quiet in the room until calibration is complete.

    2. When calibration has been completed, launch Nureva Console client.

    Enable remote management

    The Dual HDL300 system will be automatically detected by Nureva Console client. If the system is not detected, check the USB and power connections.

    1. To begin, click the Manage remotely button in the blue banner.

    2. Click the Enable remote management button at the bottom of the window.

    Step 3: Create an account or sign in

    For an existing account, choose Sign in and advance to Step 4: Enroll the Dual HDL300 system.

    1. Click the Create account link at the bottom of the page.

    2. Enter an email address, provide first and last names and then create a password.

    3. Agree to the Nureva Software License and General Terms.

    4. Opt in or out of product and service emails.

    5. Click the Create account button.

    Check email inbox for the verification email. If the email is not in the inbox, look in the junk or spam folder.

    1. Verify the email address by clicking the Verify link in the email.

    2. Sign in to your account from the sign-in page.

    3. On the first time that you sign in, enter your organization’s name and click Create to create your organization

    Step 4: Enroll the Dual HDL300 system

    When Nureva Console cloud launches for the first time, no devices will have been enrolled. To make the connection to the hardware and be able to manage it online, an enrollment code is required.

    1. Click Enroll device to begin device enrollment.

    2. If you have closed the Nureva Console client window, relaunch the client and click Manage remotely.

    Step 5: Generate and copy enrollment code

    1. Click the Generate enrollment code button in the desktop client.

    2. Click the Enroll device button in the desktop client.

    3. Return to the browser window and paste the enrollment code into the Enter code box in the cloud application.

    4. Click Next and select Allow from the pop-up in the browser to continue.

    Step 6: Provide room details (optional)

    1. Enter some room details such as the room name, type, capacity and tags.

    2. Click Save and the Dual HDL300 system should now appear in the device list.

    Step 7: Update firmware

    Nureva Console indicates if a firmware update is available in the Firmware version column of the dashboard. If Update available is shown, proceed with the update. When completed, the new firmware version will be visible.

    • Click on the three dots in the Actions menu and select Update firmware.

    A confirmation dialog will appear to acknowledge that the device will not be available during the update process. Do not turn off the computer or unplug or disconnect the device until the update is complete.

    • Click Update to continue.

    The Dual HDL300 system is now set up and ready for a test call.

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