Get started with the CV30 camera
    • 25 Apr 2024
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    Get started with the CV30 camera

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    Install the Nureva audio system

    Prior to adding a Nureva® CV30 camera to a video conferencing system, a Nureva audio system must be installed, connected and configured. Use the resources below for instructions on how to set up the audio system.

    HDL200 system

    HDL200 get started guide

    HDL300 system

    HDL300 get started guide

    Dual HDL300 system

    Dual HDL300 get started guide

    HDL310 system

    HDL310 get started guide

    HDL410 system

    HDL410 get started guide

    After the Nureva audio system has been installed and configured, the CV30 camera can be added.

    Install the CV30 camera

    Install the CV30 camera following the instructions in the installation guide.

    CV30 installation guide

    Connect the CV30 with the Nureva audio system

    1. Connect the USB cable provided with the audio system to the USB-B port on the connect module. For HDL200 systems, this connection is on the back.

    2. Connect the USB cable to a USB-A port on the front of the Nureva USB hub.

    3. Connect the USB A-B cable provided with the CV30 kit to the back of the CV30 camera.

    4. Connect the USB A-B cable from the camera to a USB-A port on the front of the Nureva USB hub.

    5. Connect the USB-A cable from the back of the Nureva USB hub to a USB-A port on the in-room computer. A USB-A to USB-C adapter can be used to connect the cable to a USB-C port on the computer.

    6. Connect the Micro USB cable for the CV30 power supply to the Micro USB port on the Nureva USB hub.

    7. Plug the power supply into a wall socket or power bar.

    Add the CV30 to Nureva Console

    Nureva Console automatically detects Nureva conferencing devices, including the CV30 camera.

    1. Ensure the CV30 camera is connected to the same computer as the Nureva audio system.

    2. Open Nureva Console.

    3. The CV30 camera will be detected and listed as a device.

    When using the Nureva Console cloud application, the Nureva audio system must be enrolled before the CV30 camera can be added.

    Get started with device enrollment

    Update firmware

    Nureva Console indicates if a firmware update is available in the device dashboard. If Update available is shown, proceed with the update. When completed, the new firmware version will be visible.

    • Click on the Update firmware button.

    A confirmation dialog will appear to acknowledge the device will not be available during the update process. Do not turn off the computer or unplug or disconnect the device until the update is complete.

    • Click Update to continue.

    Adjust the CV30 camera

    The CV30 camera can be adjusted using the remote control or through Nureva Console. The remote control offers the most options for adjustments. Nureva Console is limited to field of view (FOV) adjustments.

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