Connecting the HDL310 system components
    • 12 Apr 2024
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    Connecting the HDL310 system components

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    Connect the HDL310 system

    1. Connect the provided Ethernet cable to the RJ45-1 port on the connect module.

    2. Run the Ethernet cable to the RJ45 port on the microphone and speaker bar.

    3. Connect a CAT5e Ethernet cable to the network port on the back of the connect module.

    4. Plug the CAT5e Ethernet cable into a network port (router, modem, wall jack).

    5. Connect the provided power supply to the connect module and plug it into an outlet or a power bar.

    HDL310 connection diagram_04.24

    • After it is powered up, the HDL310 system will automatically calibrate.

    • Please remain quiet in the room until calibration is complete.

    • After calibration, the HDL310 system may require a firmware update.

    Connect a computer

    To participate in an audio or video conference, a computer is required.

    1. Connect the provided USB cable to the USB-B port on the connect module.

    2. Run the cable to the computer and connect it to a USB-A port.

    After the conference has finished, the computer can be removed from the connect module.


    • Do not block the vents on the connect module’s top, bottom or back.

    • Ensure adequate space between all vents and other objects to promote airflow and cooling. These vents are required to keep the circuits from overheating.

    • Avoid installing the connect module in a confined space.


    Enrollment code

    The HDL310 system is network-enabled, allowing easy enrollment into the Nureva® Console cloud application. An enrollment code is provided on a label found at the bottom of the connect module. It is recommended a note be made of the enrollment code before installing the connect module.

    getting.started.write down the code_04.24

    Note: This code is specific to the HDL310 system and cannot be used for other Nureva systems.

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