July 26, 2022 - CV30 Firmware release notes

CV30 camera and Nureva® Console
Last Updated: August 17th, 2022

Since the launch of the CV30 camera, there have been two firmware releases. In firmware versions 9.1.41 and 9.1.48 we've enhanced camera performance, added H.264 codec support and included a feature to flip the on-screen menu display.

Enhanced camera performance (ver. 9.1.48)      

A new camera exposure strategy has been added to improve the image sharpness for moving objects. This improvement works together with the auto-tracking function of the CV30 camera to provide remote participants with a better experience.

Also added with this release is H.264 video codec support. This codec consumes less bandwidth than the original codecs included with the camera. This newly added codec improves the CV30 camera's compatibility with a variety of UC&C platforms and allows for the streaming of high-resolution images, including when poor internet connections are used.

On-screen display menu (ver. 9.1.41)

A function was added to the on-screen display (OSD) menu that allows a user to easily flip the OSD menu with the CV30 camera's remote control. This makes it easier to read the OSD menu while using the CV30 camera in a video conference. Without the option to flip the OSD menu the user would have to read screen prompts and menus in reverse during a video conference.

Read our Using the Flip Menu feature article for more information about using the flip menu feature.

Updating the CV30 camera's firmware

Firmware for CV30 camera systems can be updated through Nureva Console by using the cloud service or the desktop client.

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