Using the Extron® driver with camera tracking

HDL300, Dual HDL300 and HDL410
Last Updated: August 9th, 2023

Extron has created a sound tracking driver to support using sound location data from the HDL300, Dual HDL300 and HDL410 with selected cameras and Extron systems. Sound location data can be used by cameras that have an Extron driver in place and support "preset recalls".

The Extron Control System Drivers webpage offers information about Extron Control System Drivers. Access to detailed information about this driver, as well as the download, is available to technology professionals that are registered in the Extron Insider program.

  • Become an Extron Insider
  • Extron Control System Drivers webpage
    • Select either “IPL/IPCP Pro Series” or “IPCP Pro xi/Q xi Series/VCP” from the drop-down menu under Extron Product
    • This can be narrowed down further by using the other filters to find a specific camera (Manufacturer, Category, Model)

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