Can I use a USB extender with the HDL200?

Information about using USB extenders with the HDL200 system
Last Updated: May 18th, 2022

Yes, USB extenders can be used with the HDL200 system. Nureva® recommends the USB extenders listed in the table below.  These extenders meet Nureva's standards for audio quality and reliability. Each of these extenders is dual-port to allow for the connection of a third-party camera or other third-party USB devices to the in-room computer.

 Manufacturer   Description   Model number   Manufacturer's website 
  Icron®    USB 2.0, dual port, CAT 5e/6/7, 100 meter (330 feet) extender  Ranger® 2312 
  Monoprice   USB-A to USB-A, 2.0, dual port, active repeater, 4.9 meter (16 ft.) extender cable 108489 

Using active or passive USB extenders that have not been validated with the HDL200 system may cause reduced quality of an audio conference by increasing latency as well as causing dropped data packets.

NOTE: When using a third-party USB cable please ensure that it meets the applicable country electrical codes, regional codes, and local codes or ordinances relating to USB cables and accessories.

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