Getting started with your Nureva® Wall

Windows® 10 with Nureva Room Manager
Last Updated: July 27th, 2021


About the Nureva Wall

Create a collaborative workspace tailored to your team’s needs. The Nureva Wall WM408i system combines a capacitive touch surface with an ultra-short-throw HD projector to give highly collaborative teams the tools they need to deliver breakthrough results.

Install the Nureva Wall system on almost any wall

The presence detector quickly turns on the system

The touch panels have a low profile with a sleek design

One size never fits all

With the Nureva Wall, it doesn’t have to. Create a collaborative workspace tailored to your team’s needs. Nureva Wall configurations can be as small as 7' 6" (2.30 m) wide or as large as 60' (18.29 m) wide.


Installing your Nureva Wall

The following documents can help you have a successful installation with your Nureva Wall:

Installation documents
Installation guide and drawings
Aligning your projected image
W408i user manual
Setting up touch


Installing the WM408i

Aligning your projector

Setting up touch


Downloading Nureva Room Manager

Once you've installed your Nureva Wall, don't forget to

Download Nureva Room Manager

Nureva Room Manager manages your Nureva Wall's

● System matching

● Image alignment

● Touch calibration

Learn more

● Presence detection

● Sleep timer



Basic troubleshooting


Installation and setup


Frequently asked questions

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