If Span Workspace is not connecting to the internet

If Span Workspace is having trouble connecting to the internet, first make sure your whitelist settings adhere to the requirements in our Do I need to add any trusted websites to my sites list? article.

If you're still having trouble, try the steps below.

Proxy settings

In some instances, a server proxy may be keeping the Span software from connecting to the internet. You might see an error message such as "Please wait while we re-establish your connection".

  1. In a Windows™ file browser, locate the SpanAppSettings.xml file at:
C:\ProgramData\Nureva Span\SpanAppSettings.xml

If you'd like to start from scratch with a clean file, click here to see the steps.

  1. Delete the SpanAppSettings.xml file
  2. Run Span Workspace
  3. Close Span Workspace
  4. Navigate again to C:\ProgramData\Nureva Span\SpanAppSettings.xml
  1. Open the .xml file
  2. Change the <EnableProxy>false</EnableProxy> to "true"

  1. Save and close the file

If you're still having troubles, try the solutions below:

Add the proxy server's credentials

If your proxy server requires a login username and password, configure the lines below the <EnableProxy>false</EnableProxy> line that we changed in step 3.

  1. Change <RequireAuthentication>false</RequireAuthentication> to "true"
  2. Edit the following lines with your unique proxy URL, username and password:
  1. Save and close the .xml file


NOTEWhen configuring Span Workspace application for use with an HTTP Proxy, connections will be directed to use the Proxy for internet access.  The exception to this is the WebRTC media streams for Span Screensharing, which will connect to the OpenTok servers directly.  Firewall ACL rules may be adjusted to allow these connections to the domains indicated on this website: https://support.tokbox.com/hc/en-us/articles/360029733631-What-are-the-TokBox-network-connectivity-requirements

Last updated: December 11, 2019

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