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There's no power to the connect module of the HDL300

There may be several reasons why your connect module doesn't have power. Below are a few questions to answer when this occurs: 

  1. Did the connect module work before?
    If the answer is no there is likely a failure out of the module (dead on arrival). If the answer is yes, then a variable has changed and needs to be determined. Proceed to the other questions and suggestions below.
If the connect module did not work before, contact your reseller for assistance. In the event you are not able to resolve the issue with your reseller, email support@nureva.com. 
  1. Is the power status LED indicator on the connect module on?
    If the connect module has power, then the power status LED indicator will be on. If the LED is on, then the problem may not be power-related. See What the lights on the connect module mean for further details. 
  1. Is the power adapter securely plugged in on both ends?  
    The power adapter is key for providing power to the connect module. If it's loose, then it may not be feeding power to the module.
If you're using a power bar with the connect module, make sure that the power bar is switched on and other devices connected to it are working.
  1. Does the wall outlet have power?  
    There's a change that power isn't even reaching the connect module's power adapter. Try plugging the power adapter into a different power outlet to see if it turns on. Additionally, try powering up a different type of device from the first outlet to see if it works.

  2. Have you power-cycled the connect module?
    Resetting the power on the connect module may resolve the issue in the event there is a brownout or another minor temporary disruption (see our Power cycling your HDL300 system article)

Last updated: November 9, 2017

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