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The LED on the HDL300 speaker bar is off

The LED light could be off for various reasons. Here are some key steps to determine if there is a defect:

  1. Verify that the system's connect module has power. If it does not, see the There is no power to the connect module article
  2. Assess the status lights on the connect module by consulting the What do the LEDs on the connect module mean? article. The light statuses may indicate if the issue is related to a cable, power supply, the integrated microphone and speaker bar or the connect module.
  3. Make sure that the Ethernet cable between the connect module and the integrated microphone and speaker bar is securely connected to both devices
  4. Make sure that there is a USB connection between the connect module and the computer
  5. Check if the computer the HDL300 system is connected to is in standby or sleep mode. Bring the computer to active mode.
  6. The LED light indicator may have been turned off with the remote. Press F1 on the remote to turn on the LED lights

For further help troubleshooting, contact support@nureva.com.

View the HDL300 audio conferencing system hardware warranty article to see if your system is eligible for a replacement.

Last updated:  February 14, 2018

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