October 24 2018 – software update

This release of Nureva Room Manager (v2.1) provides the following features:

  • Presence detection for the Nureva Wall – can be turned ON in the Wall system controls page. Once enabled, the sensor will detect movement up to 16 feet (5 m) from the sensor.
  • Improved usage and diagnostic reporting – users can set reporting to disabled, to only record crash reports, or to report on all of their Room Manager activity. The records can then be shared with IT or Nureva Support for system troubleshooting.

This update will be available within the Nureva Room Manager updates screen.

Please note:

  • The presence detection is set to OFF by default. Follow the instructions in the online features guide to turn ON presence detection.
  • Once Nureva Room Manager has completed updating to v2.1 the software will have to be restarted. Close Nureva Room Manager by right-clicking on the icon in your Windows task tray, and clicking Exit. Re-open Nureva Room Manager from your Windows start menu.

Known issues

  • None

Work continues to improve Nureva Room Manager for our users. If you have questions regarding the update process or features in Nureva Room Manager, please contact us at support@nureva.com. Further information and instructional documentation, including animated GIFs, are available in the customer support portal.

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