Configuring device management

Available through Nureva Room Manager, device management makes it easy for IT and systems administrators to remotely control and manage settings, plus configure software and schedule firmware updates for your HDL300 and WM408i systems. 

Using Nureva device management keys, you can configure all of your company's Nureva products to the same settings.

Available configurations

Some settings you can configure through device management include

  • Update schedule
  • Sleep mode state and timeout
  • HDL300 system input/output (mono/stereo)
  • HDL300 system stereo state
  • HDL300 system noise and echo reduction
  • Update versions
  • Log and reporting levels
  • HDL300 system base level
  • HDL300 system auxiliary port state
  • Wall utility updates
  • Nureva Room Manager updates

The device management configurations should only be attemped by trained IT personnel who are familiar with the company's configurations and existing group policies.

Download file

Configure device management by copying and pasting the registry keys in the Excel™ file below. Alternatively, download the XML file, which will set the group policy keys for you. 

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Last updated: April 29, 2019

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