Image brightness and color correction

Steps for correcting your projector image brightness and color correction on single and dual systems.
Last Updated: June 12th, 2019

Once the Nureva Wall hardware has been installed it is important to adjust the projector image brightness and color correction to match the projected images of dual or triple systems. The steps in this article will help to match the color and brightness of the projected images as close as possible.

Download the color correction bar image file.

Video Thumbnail
Video Thumbnail

Color corrections

Follow these steps to color match your projectors:


Projector settings
Inside the projector menu
  1. Download and open the color correction bar
  2. Open the .png across both projected images
  3. Use the projector Picture settings to make adjustments
Color Mode (default "Blending") • Color Temp • Hue • Saturation
  1. Open a white notepad across both projectors
  2. Use the projector Picture settings to make adjustments to match the white
Gamma • Color Temp • Wall Color
See the projector user manual for further details.
Color management
Built into Microsoft® Windows®
  1. On your computer, go to Control panel → Color management
  2. Open the Advanced tab
  3. Select Calibrate display
  4. Follow the steps in the on-screen wizard

Video card settings
Find the color and brightness options inside the manufacturer's
video card settings.

Configure each output individually.

Change room lighting
If the brightness can't be improved enough with steps A to C,
consider removing lights from the room.

Last updated: January 5, 2018

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