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  1. WM408i installation guide and drawings ►

    The WM408i Nureva Wall installation guide, drawings, outline drawings and quick installation guide.

  2. Aligning your projected image ►

    A video and tips to help you align the projected image on the WM408i projector.

  3. Setting up touch ►

    A video to guide you through setting up touch on the WM408i Nureva Wall.

  4. Specification sheet

    The WM408i specification sheet including weight, dimensions and technical requirements.

  5. Hardware tools checklist - WM408i

    Make sure to have these tools on-hand before installing the WM408i system.

  6. Installation checklist

    A list of checks and preparations to consider before installing the W408i system.

  7. Installation guidelines

    Some preconsiderations such as cable lengths and drill hole locations for installing the WM408i system.

  8. Room Manager features overview ►

    An overview Nureva Room Manager features with links for more detailed information.

  9. Image brightness and color correction

    Steps for correcting your projector image brightness and color correction on single and dual systems.

  10. Orderable service parts - WM408i

    A list of service parts from which you can order replacement pieces through your reseller.

  11. WM408i technical requirements

    The technical requirements, including computer and operating system, for the W408i system.

  12. Focusing the projected image

    The steps and image files for focusing your projected image so that it is not blurry.

  13. Using the Nureva support site

  14. WM408i user manual

    Download the user manual for configuring the WM408i system including RS232 codes and LED states.

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