Does the WM408i come with a stylus?

No, the WM408i does not come with a stylus. However, the Nureva Wall system is compatible with several off-the-shelf, passive capacitive styluses. We have tested the following models and found they work well with the W408i system:



These passive styluses do not offer finger/pen differentiation.


Other off-the-shelf, active capacitive styluses are intended for use on devices with glass surfaces and have been engineered for very small gestures/strokes. Because the Nureva Wall is so large, other pens just will not stand up to regular use.

 We continue to research and develop an active capacitive stylus, compatible with our large-format solution, synchronized with our Touch Controller functionality, bringing new features to the Nureva Wall experience. We do not yet have a release date for this product.

Last updated:  October 4, 2018

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