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Which are the best USB extenders to use with the Nureva Wall?

The USB cable(s) included with the system are 6' (2 m) long. If you require your USB cables to reach beyond 14.7' (4.5 M) you will need to purchase USB extenders before installing your system. It is important to keep in mind that not all extenders are the same.

For cable lengths beyond the USB 2.0 industry-standard 15’ (4.5m), we recommend an active extension USB-A to USB-A 2.0 M-F repeater cable.

Nureva has tested several brands and USB cable lengths to ensure compatibility with the Nureva Wall system:

Length Supplier 
(North America)
5 m (16ft) Monoprice P/N 8751 UGREEN P/N 10319
10 m (33 ft) Monoprice P/N 6149 UGREEN P/N 10321
15 m (49 ft) Monoprice P/N 7532 --
20 m (66 ft) Monoprice P/N 7533 UGREEN P/N 10324
25 m (82 ft) Monoprice P/N 7644 --

Plan ahead to make it work

It's not uncommon for items to be missed while planning an installation project. In response to this there is often an attempt to salvage the situation with the first available solution. Installers can save time and money by ensuring all the right items are included and available when they arrive at the installation location.

Learn more: Installation best practices

Last updated: September 17, 2019

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