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  1. Can I convert one of the older projectors to a WM408i system?

  2. What do the LEDs on the touch panel power button mean?

  3. How many displays can be connected to the WM408i system?

  4. Can I use dry-erase markers on the touch panel?

  5. How do I clean the touch panel?

  6. Can I use the power button to turn off the system?

  7. Can I hide the RS232 cord in the wall?

  8. Can I use the USB ports on the control module for other USB 2.0 devices?

  9. Can I use an HDMI adapter?

  10. How long is the power cord for the touch panel?

  11. Can I use a different power adapter for the touch panel?

  12. How should I configure my Windows™ power saving settings?

  13. Which country power adapters are included with the WM408i?

  14. How does presence detection work?

  15. Does the WM408i come with a stylus?

  16. Which are the best USB extenders to use with the Nureva Wall?

  17. What kind of HDMI cables should I use?

  18. What's the contrast ratio of the Nureva Wall projector?

  19. Does the Windows™ on-screen-keyboard work with Span Workspace?

  20. Why won't my Nureva Room Manager open matching when video extenders are used?

  21. Can I use a different projector with my Nureva Wall?

  22. How do I check for updates?

  23. Where can I find the serial number on my Nureva Wall WM408i?

  24. Can I use the DisplayLink® (USB-C) video port with the Nureva Wall?

  25. Should I use DisplayPort™ or HDMI video cabling with my Nureva Wall?

  26. How do I update the control module?

    Instructions for updating the firmware on the Nureva WM408i control module

  27. Can I share my laptop screen on a Nureva Wall system?

  28. Can I install the Nureva Wall with the HDL300 system?

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