There's no touch on one side of a double-panoramic system/touch driver icon

Follow these steps if you have a double system run by one computer (2:1) and are experiencing no touch on one of the projected images.

Check the wiring

  1. Make sure the USB cable from the touch module is connected to the projector. If you have a dual system, check both connections.
  2. Ensure that the USB cables are USB2.0 compliant

Check the touch driver's settings

  1. Open the touch driver icon in the Windows™ task bar
  1. Check that the Interactive mode is set to Finger/Stylus
  2. Click the gear icon and make sure that the Number of displays is set to Dual

Check the projector's interactive setting

  1. Use the projector's remote control to open the projector on screen display (OSD) menu
  2. Press the down arrow to navigate to Interactive settings
  3. Make sure that the setting is On

See the projector user manual for further instructions for both the projector and the touch module on-screen display menu.

Last updated: December 12, 2017

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