Touch isn't working on my WM210i or WM307i system

Follow the steps in this section if touch isn't working.

Ensure the touch module is in normal operating mode

  1. Check if the LED is solid blue or flashing red/blue
The touch module is in normal operating mode
Flashing red and blue
The touch module is in adjustment mode. Remove the cover and press the adjustment on/off button.
  1. Test touch capability. If it's working, replace the touch module cover.  If it isn't, proceed to the next section.

Check that the power cord is fully inserted into the touch module

Even if the blue LED is on, it's possible that the right-angle jack connector is not properly connected. In this case the touch module will appear to have power, but touch will not be working. 

  1. Disconnect the touch module cord for five seconds
  2. Reconnect the cord, ensuring it's fully inserted into the touch module jack
  1. Run the troubleshooter via the touch module menu to ensure that touch events are being captured (see the touch module section of the projector manual)

Make sure the Nureva touch driver is running

  1. Exit the Span Workspace and any other programs that might be open on your system until you have a view of your desktop.
  1. Check the Windows™ System Tray toolbar to see if the touch module icon is red or green
The touch module utility is running
There is no USB connection. Check the cabling connections.

Recalibrate touch

  1. Press the calibration button on the priojector remote control
  1. Press and hold the crosshair symbol that appears on the screen until it changes to a darker color. Lift your finger and follow the dot to the next location. Repeat until the calibration process is complete.

Remove secondary displays

Inconsistent touch doesn't always stem from issues with the touch module. A secondary display with a higher resolution connected to the same computer as the Nureva projector will cause image compression, which will affect the touch calibration.

To correct this issue, remove the second display and ensure that the Nureva projector is the computer's primary display.

Make sure there are no obstructions

Remove all obstructions that might be in the way of the light curtain. Even objects above the projector screen might obstruct the light curtain.  

Last updated: December 12, 2017

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