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Tip: Printing a canvas

What if you want to print a canvas? Most office printers will shrink it down and make the whole canvas print on one letter-sized piece of paper. However, the steps below show you how to print the canvas on multiple pages it ends up a comprehensible size.

  1. Export your canvas to a PDF file
  2. Open your canvas in Adobe® Acrobat®
  3. Go to File → Print

  1. Set the printer to Adobe PDF
  2. Set the page sizing and handling to Poster
  3. For "Orientation" choose Landscape 
  4. Click Print
  5. Save your new PDF
  6. Once your PDF has been saved, open it in Adobe Acrobat
  7. Go to File → Print

  1. Set the printer to your usual printer
  2. If you'd like to only print a section of the canvas, chose "pages to print"
  3. Choose Size for page sizing and handling
  4. Select Actual size
  5. Make sure "Print on both sides of paper" is unchecked
  6. Set the orientation to "Auto portrait/landscape"
  7. Click Print

The canvas will print on multiple pages that can be taped or glued together for a comprehensible printed version of your canvas.

Last updated: June 6, 2019

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