Tip: Configuring Span Workspace for Windows™ 10

Here are some suggestions for configuring your IFP for Span Workspace. If you're having trouble with your image size, touch, or in-general poor system behavior, try some of the solutions below:

Check your system resolution

Span Workspace is designed to work with a 1920 x 1016 resolution. If your system is a 4K display, your resolution might, by default, be set to 4K.

Open your Windows® display settings and make sure your resolution is set to 1920 x 1016.

Check your image scaling

Elements on your display may appear small or large depending on the scale your Windows display setting is set to.

Make sure the scale of your display is set to 100%.

Also, if your on-screen keyboard is not scaling properly, see our article on the Windows on-screen keyboard.

Tablet mode

In some instances, tablet mode may have been accidentally switched on in your Windows settings. This setting may cause flaky touch and poor display behavior.

Open your Windows display settings and go to Tablet mode. Make sure your system is configured to use desktop mode at all times.

Calibrate your IFP

If you're having trouble using touch on your IFP, try calibrating your system as per the user instructions for your specific IPF.

Touch drivers

Make sure all required touch drivers are installed for your specific IFP. These are manufacturer-specific, and are not Nureva touch drivers.


When using a 4K display, use a display port cable rather than a basic HDMI cable. A basic HDMI cable may cause small inconsistencies with the display.


Keep in mind that multi-touch in Span Workspace wall client across multiple IFPs might not work when running extended display mode. Multi-touch is primarily designed to work on Nureva Walls with Nureva drivers installed.

Last updated: January 14, 2018

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