Tip: Differences between the web client and wall client

Span Workspace can be used with both the web client and the wall software. To access the web client, go to span.nureva.com on your computer or mobile browser. Span Workspace wall software is designed to be used with the Nureva Wall touch panel system.

Although most of Span Workspace features are available in both the web client and wall client, below are a few differences between the two:




Canvas functions
Tray Added content is stored in the tray until the user adds it to the canvas.
Copy and paste content between canvases
Draw on groups and templates
Zooming in/out of a canvas
Scroll or double-click to zoom in and out.
Canvas scroll bar
Use the scroll bar at the bottom of the canvas to pan left or right. To quickly navigate on the web client, double-click to zoom out and in.
Lock panning Enable lock panning from the controls drawer in the wall software.
Guide me Access guided walkthroughs and other tips through Guide Me.
Access other applications while working on the canvas
Click the Applications button to access other open applications while using the software.
Managing subscriptions Subscriptions can only be managed when a subscription administrator is logged in on the web client.

Last updated: November 16, 2018

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