Do I need to add any websites to my trusted sites list?

The Nureva Span Workspace will require a steady connection to the internet. If you have increased security on your internet or utilize firewalls, make sure all traffic from * on Port 80 (HTTP) and Port 443 (HTTPS) is allowed.

Full list of URLs to approve

Span Web Application

Span Web API

Span Media Service

Nureva Common Services

Nureva Support Articles

Configuration Service
(LaunchDarkly .NET Reference)  

Analytics Services
(Mixpanel, Azure Application Insights)

Health Monitoring

Screen Sharing Service



(WalkMe access requirements) (deprecated)

Additional notes

If a proxy is installed, approve all of the endpoints above for Span Workspace to work on both the web client and wall client

If you do not wish to approve all of the endpoints above, the web client will still work for the most part. To improve the wall client features, configure the proxy settings to support the wall client software.

Last updated: July 24, 2020

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