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Troubleshooting | FAQs

  1. Can I import content into my canvas?

  2. Tip: Using Span Workspace with Microsoft® Teams

  3. Tip: Differences between the web client and wall client

  4. Span Workspace keeps logging me out

  5. How do I open my canvas across multiple displays?

  6. Screen share troubleshooting

  7. Why is my canvas loading so slowly while working at the wall?

  8. Span Workspace becomes unresponsive upon logging on to the web client

  9. My canvas is getting cropped when I zoom out

  10. Where can I download the software and drivers?

  11. Will the Wall software run on a non-English operating system?

  12. Does the Wall software work on 4K displays?

  13. Does the Windows™ on-screen-keyboard work with Span Workspace?

  14. How can I prevent the Windows™ action center from appearing when I'm working at the wall?

  15. Can I use single sign-on (SSO) with Span Workspace?

  16. Tip: Printing a canvas

  17. Domain ownership for SSO (single sign-on)

  18. Help with Span Wall automatic updates

  19. Tip: Configuring Span Workspace for other Windows™ touchscreens

  20. Do I need to add any websites to my trusted sites list?

  21. Why can't I use a two finger gesture to resize an image at the wall?

  22. How many users can access a canvas at the same time from different devices?

  23. I accidentally deleted a canvas, can it be recovered?

  24. How can I reassign a canvas if a user leaves?

  25. How much bandwidth is required for the Wall software to operate?

  26. How do I recover data after a lost internet connection?

  27. Will canvases get deleted if a user leaves the subscription?

  28. The Span Workspace is not connecting to the internet

  29. Why can't I find guide me?

  30. When a user leaves a subscription, what happens to their canvases?

  31. What are the differences between a guest account and a paid subscription account?

  32. Can K-12 students use Span Workspace?

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