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  1. Can I import content into my canvas?

  2. Tip: Using Span Workspace with Microsoft® Teams

  3. Tip: Differences between the web client and wall client

  4. How do I open my canvas across multiple displays?

  5. Where can I download the software and drivers?

  6. Will the Wall software run on a non-English operating system?

  7. Does the Wall software work on 4K displays?

  8. Does the Windows™ on-screen-keyboard work with Span Workspace?

  9. Can I use single sign-on (SSO) with Span Workspace?

  10. Tip: Printing a canvas

  11. Domain ownership for SSO (single sign-on)

  12. Help with Span Wall automatic updates

  13. Tip: Configuring Span Workspace for Windows™ 10

  14. Do I need to add any websites to my trusted sites list?

  15. Why can't I use a two finger gesture to resize an image at the wall?

  16. How many users can access a canvas at the same time from different devices?

  17. I accidentally deleted a canvas, can it be recovered?

  18. How can I reassign a canvas if a user leaves?

  19. How much bandwidth is required for the Wall software to operate?

  20. Will canvases get deleted if a user leaves the subscription?

  21. When a user leaves a subscription, what happens to their canvases?

  22. What are the differences between a guest account and a paid subscription account?

  23. The imported PDF isn't loading

  24. Can K-12 students use Span Workspace?

  25. Span™ Workspace Wall client - file size limitations

  26. How to use Nureva™ Span™ Workspace with Microsoft® Surface Hub™

  27. Setting up SSO (single sign-on)

    Set up your SSO provider, verify your domain, and add users for single sign-on.

  28. Span Workspace technical requirements

    The operating system and browser minimum requirements for operating Span Workspace.

  29. July 29, 2019 – software update

  30. Using Connectors

    Create and delete connectors between notes on a canvas - Web client (browser) only

  31. May 13, 2020 - software update

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