Does the HDL300 system support session initiation protocol (SIP) software?

The HDL300 system does not have a built-in SIP dialer, but it can enable SIP dialing with the help of other products. The HDL300 system can provide microphone and speaker functionality for a SIP-enabled device provided the device has compatible ports.

SIP software

The easiest way to implement SIP functionality with the HDL300 system is to have a connected computer running SIP software. It is easy (and preferred) to connect the HDL300 system to a USB 2.0 port on the computer and configure the HDL300 system as the default microphone and speaker. 

A less favored method is to connect the computer and the connect module 3.5mm auxiliary input and auxiliary output jacks (provided you have a computer with that capability). Connecting to the Line In will playback audio from the connected SIP-enabled device. Connecting the Line Out to the SIP-enabled device will provide echo-canceled microphone pickup. The computer would have to be configured with the auxiliary input and auxiliary output as the default microphone pickup and speaker of the SIP software.

However, using the auxiliary input and auxiliary output jacks could result in noisier audio, as these analog signals could pick up interference from external sources. Additionally, remote control functions cannot pass through from the HDL300 system along the analog lines back to the computer software, which would limit the functionality of the system.

Integrating with other audio systems

If necessary, the HDL300 system can be integrated with additional hardware such as CODECs through the 3.5mm jack. Signal level adjustments and isolation may need to be done based on the system that is interfaced with the HDL300 system. Because the HDL300 system performs echo cancellation, additional audio processing or echo cancellation is not required by the connected system and could even ­cause issues. The connected system should be configured to pass through audio directly.

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