How can I calibrate external speakers with the HDL300 system?

The recalibration procedure is performed during the first unit power up, or can be initiated any time using a remote-control sequence, or from Nureva® Console.

What usually happens

Once initiated, the recalibration will take approximately 15-20 seconds to complete. When using the internal HDL300 speakers during a recalibration, the LED indicator will alternate between solid red and solid blue lights. The speakers will produce a calibration signal that will sound like static for the entire 15-20 second duration.

What happens with external speaker(s)

After initiating recalibration with the external speaker(s) the LED indicator will flash for 15-20 seconds and the calibration signal on the external speaker(s) will only be heard for the first 7-10 seconds.

The configuration with external speakers only supports monophonic (mono) sound, thus only needs half the time to complete the calibration process.

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