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Active Zone Control

When using Nureva Room Manager with an HDL300 system

The Active Zone Control feature for HDL300 audio conferencing system enables users to prioritize a defined zone for audio pick up. For example, if a teacher at the front of a classroom turned on the Active Zone Control, he or she would still be audible, but the HDL300 system would tune out the students in the background.

If you don't see Active Zone Control under the Tools menu, make sure your Nureva Room Manager is up to date.

To turn on Active Zone Control, follow the steps below:

  1. In Nureva Room Manager, go to Audio → Tools → Active zone control

  1. Enable active zone control by their toggling Active Zone Control on the user interface. 

NOTE: With active zone enabled, use the remote control to toggle between full zone coverage and partial zone coverage by pressing the F2 button on the remote.

The lights on the microphone and speaker bar will move from fully on to only the center lights on.

  1. If you have a dual configuration, select which speaker you would like to enable active zone control on. The microphone and speaker bar with Active Zone Control turned on will have have the center LED lights on and blue (see image above). The other microphone and speaker bar will have red LED lights on, indicating the microphones are muted.
  2. Set the active zone by dragging the  symbols

You can also change the units of measurement from meters to feet.

  1. To turn off the active zone and return the HDL300 system to full audio pickup, toggle the Active Zone Control on the user interface. All of the lights on the microphone and speaker bar will turn on.

Dual configurations

Keep in mind that turning on Active Zone Control will turn off the audio pickup from the second microphone and speaker bar in a dual configuration.

Turning the Active Zone Control off will restore audio pickup to the second microphone and speaker bar.

Record sound visualization

When you click the Record sound visualization button, a blue dot will show up wherever the HDL300 system registers sound. No actual audio is recorded, but the area from where the sound is picked up will be marked on the "top view of zone" diagram.

The dot will remain visible on the "top view of zone," and will fade to a lighter blue as the speaker moves around the space. These dots help you identify where the range of the active zone within the space.

Once the user is satisfied with the active zone, they can save the zone. This saved zone will be set even when you exit the active zone control application.

Press Stop sound visualization to exit the sound visualization feature.

Last updated: January 24, 2020

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