Creating and updating Jira® issues from your canvas

Use notes or groups to create Jira issues in your Jira account.

Once you've connected your Span™ Workspace account to your Jira account, you'll be able to create Jira issues from notes and groups, as well as update Jira issues from notes.

Creating Jira issues from notes

  1. Click on the note or group, and select the Jira icon from the quick toolbar.

Alternatively, you can select Create Jira issue from the three-dot menu.

  1. In the next window, configure your issue using the provided fields, including any required fields your selected Jira project might have.  If Reporter is not a required field, it will not appear in the window, and the Reporter will be listed in Jira as the current Span Workspace user.

  1. Click Create

The note will be sent to Jira as an issue. The note on the canvas will be marked with the Jira icon and will have a link to the Jira issue.  The issue description in Jira will also have a link back to the canvas that the issue was created from.

If the note already has a link, a new link to the Jira issue will be added and the current link will be moved to the issue description

Creating Jira issues from groups

Jira issues can also be created in groups by clicking the Jira icon from the quick toolbar after selecting a group or by selecting Create Jira Issues from the three-dot menu.  Follow the same steps as creating Jira issues from notes.

When creating Jira issues from a group, keep the following in mind:

  • An issue will be created for every note within the group
  • All created issues will have the same Jira settings, but each issue will have a summary matching the content of each group note

Once you create Jira issues from a group, you might notice the group will have a link attached to it. If you open this link, you'll be taken to Jira and a list of all the issues that you created from that group.  

Updating Jira issues from a canvas

After a Jira issue has been created and a Jira synced note exists on your canvas, you can make updates to the synced Jira issue from Span Workspace.  Simply select the note, and then click the Jira icon from the quick toolbar.  Alternatively, you can select Update Jira issue from the three-dot menu.


In the next window, adjust the issue settings as desired and click Update.

Receiving Jira issue updates in your canvas

Jira-synced notes will reflect any changes made to the linked issue in Jira. 

If the issue summary changes, the note content will be updated next time you load the canvas or click on the Jira icon from the quick toolbar on any note in the canvas. When the Create or Update Jira issue window is opened, you will also see any changes to the issue attributes that were edited in Jira.

Note: Custom fields like Sprint, Assignee and Epic Links are supported but will only be shown in the Jira integration dialog if the selected project supports these fields. Additional customer fields such as due date, component, etc., can also be configured in Jira settings as required fields to have them show in Span's Jira integration dialog. See Jira documentation on setting custom fields as required fields

Last updated: January 6, 2020

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