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Creating your own template ►

Create your own template. Import the image, add subgroups and colorize the groups. Draw on and pin your template.

Creating your own template offers a way for users to create a template based on a custom image. The content added to a template moves together when the template is moved around the canvas. Changing the color of a group or subgroup within the template will change the color the notes within it.

Create a template from:

  • The Span web client using a certified mobile browser
  • The Span web client using a certified computer browser
  • Span Workspace wall client
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Converting an image to a group

Images for templates can be found online, created in Excel™ or another program that is capable of exporting image files. JPG images tend to have a solid background, where as PNG images have the ability to leave the background transparent.

If you're stuck trying to find an image, see our Choosing an image for your template article.

Once you have an image, follow these steps to convert it into a template on your canvas:

  1. Add an image to your canvas (see Adding images for details)
  2. Open the three-dot menu on the quick tools bar and choose Convert to group

To revert the group back into an image, follow steps 1 to 2 but choose Revert to image.

Editing the group name

Change the group name or hide the name entirely to get it out of the way.

Changing the group name

  1. Open the three-dot menu on the quick tools bar and select Rename

You can also double-click on the group name to edit the group's name.

  1. Type in a new name for your group
  2. Click Done

Hiding or showing the group names

To hide or show groups name click the three-dot menu on the quick tools bar and choose one of the following:

Rename – change the name of the group
Hide name hide the group's name
Show name show the group's name
Hide subgroup names  hide the names of all subgroups within the group
Show subgroup names  show the names of all subgroups within the group

Adding custom titles for your groups and subgroups helps organize them when exporting the canvas to Excel™ (see Exporting a canvas).

Adding subgroups to the template

Adding subgroups to a template enables you to group content.

  1. Add a group to your canvas
  2. Place it in the group that was created in the Converting an image to a group section (to learn more about subgroups see Creating groups)

Pin your subgroups to the template using the    icon from the quick tools menu. That way they will stay in place as you add notes and other content.

Hiding and showing pins

Hide or show the subgroup pins from the templates three-dot menu on the quick tools bar.

Adding color to the groups

  1. Click on the group or subgroup
  2. Open the color options icon in the quick tools menu and select a color

Notes within the group will change to the color selected.

Inking on a group

Add to your template by inking in the groups. This feature is only available at the wall (see Editing groups for more details).

Duplicating and deleting

Duplicate or delete a template from the three-dot menu on the quick tools bar.

You can also use the    icon on the quick tools bar to duplicate a template.

See Using stock templates to learn about adding and editing stock templates.

Last updated: March 10, 2019

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