Turning off external sharing in your subscription

Turn external sharing off so users can only share canvases within their subscription.

Software administrators have the option to turn off external sharing within their Span™ software subscription. When external sharing is turned off, users are only able to share canvases with other users within their software subscription. Guests cannot be added to canvases and any current guests will be immediately removed from any canvases they were added to. All administrative tasks are completed using a certified browser on a computer.  

Education subscriptions do not allow external sharing. Software administrators of education subscriptions do not have the option to turn external sharing on.

Turn off external sharing

  1. Go to span.nureva.com and log in to your account 
  2. If you do not have a user account, logging in will bring you directly to your subscriptions. If you have a user account, click your name on the right corner and select Subscriptions from the drop-down menu.  
  3. Click Sharing. This will bring up a security prompt informing you that all external users will be removed if sharing is disallowed. Un-check the box beside Allow sharing of canvases with users external to this subscription.
  4. Click OK
If you wish to restore external sharing privileges, simply check the box in the security prompt and click OK. This will allow users to share canvases with guests, but it will not restore the guests that were previously removed.

Last updated: May 14, 2019

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